PROCESS. Our gameplan is the strategy that we follow for every project. At its core is the iterative creative process: design, review, refine, repeat. Collaboration and critique are essential parts of this process. We treat each project as unique, with its own particular set of rules and desired outcomes to account for.

START. Usually initiated by the client, this is a general discussion of services and whether Documodern is a good fit for what’s needed. If it seems so, we will schedule the planning session to discuss the project more formally.

PLAN. During the planning session, we will discuss the scope of the project, direction and strategy, general pricing, and the schedule. It is important to bring all materials, wants/needs, likes/dislikes, and other ideas to the table.

PROCEED. Following planning, you will receive a written proposal outlining the scope, schedule, and pricing. An initial payment of half the proposal total will signify the green light for the project to proceed.

DESIGN. We use design as an umbrella term for all the services Documodern provides. At this first meeting of our iterative process, we will present a viable set of options for review, critique, and discussion. The goal is to establish a clear trajectory for moving forward with either new options or refinements.

REFINE. As the second meeting of the design process, this will present a modified set of work based on comments and direction from the last meeting. The outcome of this meeting will be a single item to make minor adjustments to.

TWEAK. This stage happens pretty quickly, and generally involves multiple quick reviews and adjustments to the final product. This can often be done via email, and should be seen as a high-contact period with quick turnaround.

FINISH. It’s done. This means either that there is a complete, finite product to be handed over for your use, or that a recurring service such as social media management or ongoing public relations may proceed.