Documodern is an architectural photography and design practice committed to exceeding expectations and building relationships in the AEC community. We celebrate good design at all scales, regardless of the size of firm or project. We take pride in DOCUmenting MODERN design as our mission. As photographer Ansel Adams said, a good photograph is knowing where to stand. Taken both literally and figuratively, Documodern is committed to offering a unique and informed perspective on architectural photography and design. We know where to stand.

We love working with architects and designers, and value good design at all scales, regardless of size of the firm or project. There is a certain shorthand talking to someone that knows the language of architecture. It’s always a great joy to see something that isn’t on the shot list that captures something unexpected — maybe a detail or vignette, or even a whole different angle. This is what we mean when we say that a good photograph is knowing where to stand. With a background in architecture, we look to photograph not just the overall architectural event, but also the small but deliberate moments that stand out as something the architect took great care in designing to celebrate the art of building — and subsequently for us, the art of architectural photography. In that same context, we are also sensitive to a building’s situation as part of the urban and natural landscape, events and use of the building that highlight its function, the way that night photography can transform architecture into a beacon of transparency and light (and as said, the architectural detail that often makes a big difference). We get you and we got you. We know where to stand.