Lincoln University Continuing Education

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Sikeston, Missouri
Education Photography

Documodern’s approach to architectural photography and design means that we always look for the simple expression and unexpected moments that highlight the skill of the architect as well as the client’s commitment to good design. This is what we mean when we say that a good photograph is knowing where to stand. With our background in architecture, we look to photograph not just the overall architectural event, but also the small but deliberate architectural details that stand out as something that the architect took great care in designing to celebrate the art of building — and for us, the art of architectural photography.

Along with “typical” exterior and interior photography, we are also sensitive to a building’s context in the urban and natural landscape, events and use of the building that highlight its function, the way that night photography can transform architecture into a beacon of transparency and light — and as said, the architectural detail that often makes a big difference. We get you and we got you. We know where to stand.

A land-grant and minority-serving institution, Lincoln University is committed to providing educational outreach programs to Missouri’s underserved populations.  The University’s Southeast Missouri Extension helps communities establish and maintain programs promoting intellectual and social growth, responsibility, productivity, and sustainability, including leadership and community development, small farm outreach, nutrition and fitness education, community gardening, job readiness, and youth development.

Located in Sikeston, the new Cooperative Extension has the potential to serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of Sunset Addition – a once thriving African-American neighborhood that has been in decline over the last two decades.  The Masterplan for the site features community garden plots with demonstration gardens, water harvesting and reuse capabilities, outdoor classroom, and a path that will help connect Lincoln Memorial Park to Sikeston’s Rail-To-Trail project.

The primary programmatic components (Classroom, Multi-Purpose Space, Computer Lab, and Offices) are organized around a generous Central Hall that provides visual connection to the landscape and horizon, linking the interior spaces to a valued community hub, Lincoln Memorial Park.  The sky-lit circulation spine provides areas for support, informal learning, social interaction, and pre-function space, connecting the new Cooperative Extension to the neighborhood and community it serves.