Christner Architects
University City, Missouri

Architectural photography for COCA (Center of Contemporary Arts) in University City, Missouri proved challenging because of its urban context and long street façade. It was shot with a Nikon crop-image camera and a wide-angle lens to get the whole building in the frame. It was scouted with the Christner Architects, and photographed on multiple days.

COCA (Center of Creative Arts) uses the power of the arts and education to build a vibrant St. Louis that is creative, connected, and inclusive. A national leader in innovative arts education, COCA provides meaningful arts experiences in our studios, gallery, and theatres, as well as in schools, community centers, and corporate settings around St. Louis.

The fourth largest multidisciplinary community arts center in the country, we annually serve more than 50,000 people of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels—from enthusiastic amateurs to emerging professionals—all taught by our faculty of distinguished teaching artists.

Through dance, vocal music, theatre, art and design, and beyond, we nurture the artistic and creative potential in our students—and our community.

COCA is one of 18 organizations to be nationally accredited through the Accrediting Commission for Community and Pre-Collegiate Arts Schools (ACCPAS).

The new Center of Creative Arts is a partner in the vision to create and engage a diverse public through art and education. The design by Christner Architects furthers contemporary architectural trends by creating spaces that are inspired and accessible, while adding to the economic growth of a fast-changing area. This is a collaborative educational venue that addresses community needs while providing a pleasing quality of life. These new images of COCA (Center of Creative Art) in St. Louis was built to be a new cultural hub for the locals. The building is designed by Christner Architects, who partnered with TGP on this project. COCA is an important building because of its urban context and long street side façade.