7412 Manchester

WolfeAD Architecture Design
Maplewood, Missouri

7412 Manchester is a commercial co-working space specifically for architects, engineers, interior designers, and other creative types known as Build Group in St. Louis, Missouri. It is an adaptive reuse project that reimagines a former print company. As an open plan office it allows for close collaboration between partners of the architect office. The main feature feature for architectural photography is an undulating bright green wall that defines the conference room. Seen from outside, it is a bold statement characterizing the modern and contemporary work that happens there.

Part of the growing and hip Maplewood commercial strip, it creates interest from people on the sidewalk passing by. While there has been a core group of 3-4 architects, the rest of the space remains flexible in order to accomodate an additional 5.

In photographing the space, it was of course important to highlight the wall, but also significant was to capture its role in defining the overall space. Also important was making it clear that it was occupied by architects.

Architectural photography equipment used was a Nikon d7100 with a wide-angle 10-20mm lens. Also a Geekoto tripod with a horizontal center column. A ladder was used to get a higher perspective to show more of the office. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop were used for processing the RAW architectural photography images.

Architectural photography is a fantastic way to help sell a property. It provides a visual image of the entire property and space, capturing the client’s imagination before they enter the space and experience it for themselves. The best architectural photography allows for a wide angle to capture the front and backyards simply as well as the whole house with its exteriors and interiors. The results of architectural photography are an accurate representation of the space, lighting, and accessories. To achieve that, we spent a lot of time understanding the space and what it was like to live, work and grow there. The result is an environmentally friendly and sustainable office that reflects the business culture of the people who rent it.