“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”
— Ansel Adams

Architectural PHOTOGRAPHY requires a trained eye that knows what to look for and how to make a building look great. With a background in architecture, we get it. Good photography neither starts nor stops at merely seeing a building, it’s about understanding and communicating the project visually. Similarly, understanding the life of a building and the people that use it. Capturing the how of architecture lies not only in its built form, but highlighting the lifestyle it promotes.

Our photography services range from a few quick shots to document your project or lifestyle photos highlighting its users, to staged shoots resulting in a package of images suitable for award submittals, proposals, and marketing collateral. We want to meet your needs, and all photography will be discussed and planned accordingly. In addition to standard processing and minor clean-up of new work, we can also work some magic on existing photos to make them look better. Advanced processing beyond Photoshop can breath new life into old photos. Of course, we are masters at Photoshop as well, so say goodbye to that exit sign and fire plug.