The playbook is our menu of SERVICES available to meet your needs, including architecture, photography, graphic design and marketing. Our integrated approach to design means we can move across disciplines with ease, providing comprehensive solutions that build your brand or your building. With a background in architecture, we offer some unique services of particular interest to architects, such as field work and as-built drawings, historical building research, and help with award submittals and RFPs.

Architectural: Magazine-quality photography of interiors, exteriors, and landscapes. Extensive preparation, coordination and setup. HDR images involving multiple exposure bracketing with RAW 14-bit lossless capture for maximum resolution. Generally involves significant on-site time, post-processing and image manipulation.
: Photography involving specific conditions, subjects, or equipment. General scouting, staging and setup. Customized settings with high-quality JPEG capture. Examples include multiple-timeframe process photos, architectural detail images, portrait and lifestyle photography, etc…
Basic: Digital photography meant for limited use such as property listings and social media. Limited scouting and preparation; No staging and minimal setup; Predetermined settings with JPEG compression.

Graphic Design + Marketing
Identity: Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Title blocks
Print: Brochures, Signage, Advertisements, Portfolios and Books
Digital: Website Design and Development, Social Media Management
Marketing: Strategy and Content Development, Advertising/PR/Events
A/E/C Firms: Award Submittals and Proposals

Project Consulting and Pre-Design/Programming
Schematic Design and Design Development
Coordination of Consultants and Contractors
Building Surveys and As-Built Drawings
Sketch-Up and Physical Model Making
Historic Preservation Research