Our game plan is the PROCESS that guides us for every project. At its core is the iterative creative approach: design, review, refine, repeat. Collaboration and critique are essential parts of this process. We treat each project as unique, with its own particular set of rules and desired outcomes to account for.

Research. The client and designer discuss the requirements for the project, and the fit between the client’s needs, wants and budget. Areas of research will include considerations of context, history, and precedents.

Design. Multiple options for the project are produced for review. This generally includes sketches, examples, and preliminary mock-ups. None of these represent a final product, but ideas to elicit conversation and collaboration.

Refine. More detailed designs are produced in response to feedback from the previous phase. For architecture, this may include floor plans showing rooms in correct size and shape, ideas about materials and room finishes, interior and exterior renderings, and well-defined next steps. In graphic design and marketing, development of typography and content, media plans and vendors, refined understanding of deliverables, and realistic deadline and budget.

(Repeat) As an iterative process whereby multiple design options are produced, discussed, refined, discussed, etc… this phase will vary based on scale, scope, complexity, and timeline. Generally speaking, we believe that it is better to get it right rather than right now.

Produce. At this point, all (most) decisions have been made and there is a clear line of sight to the end of the project. This will mean different things depending on deliverables: Final files sent to the printer for production; Handoff of architectural DD drawings for construction documents; Beta-version of website goes live; Interview scheduled and questions reviewed for PR article.

While the diagram below applies specifically to the architecture process, it best describes our general approach. See also the AIA document Design to Construction